February 26, 2023

National Diversity Awards 2022

National Diversity Awards, September 2022

Driving up to Liverpool, four Trustees in one car with the remaining one haring up the motorways after a morning teaching! We were excited, nervous, unsure what to expect but ultimately hugely proud. Proud to have been nominated, proud to be making this journey together.

Traffic being the way it is in the UK, we all had around 30 mins to get our best frocks on and put our best foot forward. The stunning Anglican Cathedral was a 5-minute Uber away and, with our brilliant driver wishing us his best, we arrived at this historic and imposing building just as the sun was setting.

Moving inside, the drama of the place and all that the evening had to offer made itself known. And no, not just because we walked in behind Richard Blackwood and then immediately saw host Nina Wadia appear! The people, the presence, the lighting, and the stage were ready for a truly memorable evening.

To be among so many deserving charities and individuals was truly inspirational. Hearing their individual and team stories, triumph over adversity, from local community through to nationwide support – the list of successes was endless. The judge’s task of selecting winners was not an enviable one!

Witnessing the empowering and emotional winner’s speech from our dear friends over at Steph’s Place was immense. The room, silent for the first time all evening, buzzed with the anticipation of a change to come. And bringing the audience to a standing ovation at the end was the signal that we were all there to watch something so impactful happen right before our eyes.

We weren’t award winners on the night, but we won so much more in being there. Thank you to all at the National Diversity awards, for your support, your encouragement and for honouring our nomination.

And so, the weekend ended as it began. We are proud to have been nominated and so proud to have made this journey together.