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Gender Diversity and Endometriosis
Balanced Wellness
Mental Health Collaboration
Mental Health Meet the Teams
Pelvic Health Physiotherapy
Menopause and Endo with Spiced Pear

Gender Diversity and Endometriosis

Les Henderson

Les Henderson (she/her/they) is the founder of endoQueer and host of the Be A Beacon Podcast. As a black masculine of center lesbian, her endo journey has been complicated due to erasure in medical and online spaces. In 2016, she survived a spontaneous pneumothorax (lung collapse) that happened due to endometriosis and once this happened, she knew that she had to get out here and tell her story and create a space to help others.

https://www.patreon.com/endoQueer1 or One time gift: Cashapp $Lhend011

Ryan McGil

They/them. Endo warrior. Trans. 2 surgeries. Pulmonary embolism survivor.

Ryan tells us how he survived pulmonary Embolism, and how they are treated by the medical profession in their search for help and information. Here is a link to their article in Vice


Spreading love through art and street art, He/him

Samo talks to us about his activism through art and simple changes everybody can make to make life a little more inclusive for everybody.

Samo’s I exist crowd funder https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/seed-fund-2-art-project-celebrating-trans-bodies


Mental Health Meet the Team

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

We spoke to Gemma Pilkington over at GP Physiotherapy about all things Pelvic Health

Menopause and Endo with Spiced Pear

We had Spiced Pear on to talk about Endo and the menopause.

At Spiced Pear Health we put you in control of your menopause.

We are experienced GPs with Clinical Sexology & British Menopause Society “Advanced Menopause Specialist” training. We are also women who have experienced hormonal imbalance ourselves and know that this struggle is real.